February 9, 2008


Today I was digging through some of my old Xanga posts (...yeah, I had a Xanga in high school.)

November 08, 2004- 9:55 PM
here we go again the same old story...i like a guy and he has no idea...and probably never will because i don't have the balls to him how i feel...but of course it's hopeless because he doesn't even like me! i'm sick of the tourture! when will a guy ever like me? it's like i've got a frickin disease or something!

It's so funny, because it's still true.

For some reason I like torture myself by looking all my old emo, angst-y rantings. Sometimes I wonder what happened to all the e-buddies I made on that website. It's so strange how in today's world you can (or least have the potential to) build a meaningful friendship through online networking websites. It's a little creepy, but it's true. Those words of encouragement from my follow Xangans got me through some hard times. Sadly though, I think I wrote more truthfully back then than I ever could now. I guess the process of becoming a (young) adult has matured me, but has brought along with it idiosyncracies, complexes, and more self-consciousness... I envy my ability to have been so expressive and open.

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