February 15, 2008

Of course, because I will make a mix for anything...

So, I'm turning 21 next week, and being the nerd I am, I have made a mixtape to commemorate the experience.

21st Birthday Mix
1. Happy Birthday- Altered Images
2. Where Da Party At?- Nelly Feat. Jagged Edge
3. Happy Birthday- The Beatles
4. 21- The Starting Line
5. It's Ya Birthday- DJ 10th Ward Buck
6. Tequila- The Champs
7. I Feel Good- James Brown
8. Start Me Up- The Rolling Stones
9. Naughty Girl- Beyonce
10. Twenty One- The Carpettes
11. Panama- Van Halen
12. Hash Pipe- Weezer
13. 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted- 2Pac
14. Nothing But A Good Time- Poison
15. Lap Dance- N.E.R.D.
16. Red, Red Wine- UB40
17. Have A Drink A Me- AC/DC
18. Living After Midnight- Judas Priest
19. In Da Club- 50 Cent
20. Rock And Roll All Nite- Kiss
21. I Wanna Rock- Twisted Sister

Now, if only I had plans for my birthday...

1 comment:

Chris said...

i do that every year! i stay in on my bday (well, my 21 was a very elaborate exception) and make a fitting mixtape for myself, because the best friends i have are my favorite songs.

Last year was great cause I got to toss Jimmy Eat World's "23" and Blink's "Whats My Age Again" on there.

but you aren't a fan of robbie rob's writing in rs? He's my favorite part of rs! he's uber dorked out and uber fascinated with the world around him and uber knowledgeable in his musical waxing and uber poetic in the most random of descriptions. if i model myself after any rock writer, it's him. re-read some of his recent reviews and think about what i said.