June 23, 2008

I Like It "Hard N Phirm."

Things That Are Great About This Video:
1. Yes, they are singing about Pi.
2. The video is a tribute to the television show 'Zoom.'
3. It contains wizards and robots.
4. See video at 2:07
5. Members of the band (strangely) resemble Weird Al Yankovich.

Things That Are Great About Hard N Phirm:
1. Anyone who can write entertaining songs about advanced mathematical constants, and record badass unironic bluegrass covers of Radiohead (aptly titled "Rodeohead") gets my vote as an awesome band.
2. Listen to "A Pony Named Jesus."
3. Band member Chris Hardwick is quite an excellent blogger
4. As far as I know, no other band has ever recorded explains the workings of the human heart as a Spanish love song, tells you when the cinnamon rolls are done, and drops a robot in a vat of pudding.

Listen to them.


oscarneedscoffee said...

That was pretty cool. I also love They Might Be Giants' song "The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas". Weird Al is a genius!

Alonso81 said...

how are you??

Alonso81 said...

i'm fine...happy...i'm working....but in August i'm not work, but anyway, i'll find any job, i hope :)

And you?

Chris said...

i love that you have scene and heard catch up days. but now you need to start writing again!

Claire said...

hahahaha Wild vid there Nikki.
Thanks for sharing.