September 22, 2007

Don't Wait Up For Me.

Today I have been cataloging my Itunes and uploading CDs. I've got about 850 songs loaded, and about 1,500 more to go. I loaded a few hundred songs today. If lethargy doesn't set in I should be halfway through my CD collection tonight. While I've been doing this I have been totally rocking out to my Itunes in my jammies (I'm now fairly certain that this is something everyone should do often). I tend to enjoy music most when I'm alone. There is nothing like blasting the music you love maximum volume. In between all my uploading I checked out the video for the Donnas single from their new album Bitchin', and let me tell you. The Donnas make no attempt to hide where they take their influences on this album. If you've read any of my other blogs, you know that I am somewhat of an adovate for the Donnas. At this point in their career the Donnas have been ridiculed so much (as well praised) for their image and influences that their only logical choice would be to blantanly take cues from their cock-rock and hair metal forefathers.

In the video for Bitchin's first single ("Don't Wait Up For Me") the Donnas are in full-on 80's rock inspired threads, and don't worry, cheesy black-and-white backstage montages are not withstanding. Most critics would bemoan the fact that look like they just came out of Sunset Strip in 1986. That, however, is irrelevant. The Donnas are fulfilling the requirement of what a good rock and roll band should be: being fun.

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