March 4, 2008

Happy National Grammar Day!

Check out her podcast here. It's pretty rad.

Here is new indie rock obsession Vampire Weekend performing their song, "Oxford Comma":

Also, check out this album of "School House Rocks" song re-makes. I think everyone needs to hear Skee-Lo's version of "The Tale of Mr. Morton." Predicates are hot :)


Chris said...

aw man, i've seen/read/heard just about all mayer there is to see/read/hear. from 2 guys and a cup to chocolate rain free style to him spouting japanese off to ryan seacrest to belittling kanye. what i really want is to catch him at one of his random stand up comedy routines.

Chris said...

ok, it's not so much a diss, but mayer clearly pwns ye.

Chris said...

i love that we're just about the only people who comment on each other's blogs, btw.