March 7, 2008

Midterms. I want to kick you in the face.

...but since I can't do that, I'd thought I'd share some delicious music with you. Beginning last month, I have been on a quest to find cool, undiscovered musicians in the New Orleans area. So now if anybody says, "They are no cool bands in New Orleans," I will immediately proclaim (in a shitty French accent), "Ha! Why you are wrong my friend. I challenge you to a duel!"

My GraveYard Jaw

Dressed in what can be best described as bohemian clown garb, My GraveYard Jaw delivers a unique brand of plaintive melodies (“I Don't Know”), hobo jangle, and haunting blue licks (“Big Ole Head”). After one listen to the Tom Waits-style vocals and diaspora-inspired “New Orleans Goin’ Under”, you will see why My GraveYard Jaw fits in perfectly to New Orleans' colorful music scene. The group was originally the solo project of Stix duh Clown, a Bywater-based troubadour, who has played in the greater New Orleans area for over a decade. Be sure to check out My GraveYard Jaw at The Circle Bar March 15th, with fellow local rockers, The Zydepunks (who are also pretty damn rocking). For more information on My GraveYard Jaw, please visit:

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