April 27, 2008

Duffy Take Heed, Quit While You're Ahead.

I am physically repulsed by Duffy's song "Mercy", and it's not because it's a meaningless pop tune, because meaningless pop can be good. It's mainly due to the fact the song has nearly the exact same chord progression as Amy Winehouse's "Rehab." [1] If you don't believe me, just hum Amy's tune while you're watching the video.

Yeah, yeah, yeah? No, no, no?

Consquently, this is where I shall segway into my gripe when the modern industry: The corporate-yuppie fucks who control the major labels are only concerned with instant return. They could give a fuck about artistic integrity.

Their only concern is lining their pockets to buy copious amounts of cocaine and vacation homes; therefore, not only is the music suffering, but the artists are too. Winehouse is a perfect example, because she was crafted to be a one-trick pony not to be remembered in 2 years.

When an artist has a single as big as "Rehab" it's extremely hard to break out of it constrictive confines. Not to mention, I'm 97% sure I saw her smoking with a crackpipe on Youtube.

The sad part is that people are eating this shit up. Personally, I don't get it. I don't see what the fuck is so entertaining about watching someone destroy their life.

I think by the time Amy gets her shit together the public will have moved on to another fleeting obsession.


1. Coincidently, both singers happen to be British.

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Claire said...

ACK! I truly dislike Duffy and that song Mercy. Also I never got the whole Amy Winehouse thing.

Good observation about the song. Now when I happen to hear either song on the radio I will be reminded of the other song. And I am now certain to get the two confused.