April 20, 2008


I recieved this comment on my last blog:

Never publish material online with errors.

I'm a senior editor at a major publication. I can tell you it's mistakes like this that can hurt you.

When you go to apply for a position, and somebody finds your Web site and discovers these mistakes, you may not qualify for the job.

Go over your work now and correct it before somebody in the industry discovers this.

And don't stop believing.


Whomever and where ever you are, thank you for the kind words. Although, I suspect you are not an editor, because the second to last sentence is not punctuated correctly. Nevertheless, I really appreciate when anyone takes the time to look at my writing and provide constructive feedback. It's the greatest gift someone could give to me as a writer.

While I do not purposely publish blogs with errors, I sometimes spot them after publishing. Of course, I correct them as soon as see them, and that helps strengthen my editing skills (which now, I admit, are poor). I read through my blogs quite often to copyedit, but I know there are errors I manage to look over from time to time. Trust me, it is something I strive to improve each day.

The main point of creating this blog was to get my writing out there, and it is obviously is not going to be perfect while I am learning to do it better. Every semester I go through school, every book I read, and every essay I write causes my writing to grow and change.

If you took a look at my writing two years ago, you can see a slow, but steady, progress. I know, right now, my writing is not up to a professional standard, but it is something I work for constantly. Because I am learning to hone and develop my skills, develop my voice, and develop my tone I feel as this: It doesn't mean that I shouldn't publish a blog. (Although, I know I could be wrong, as I often am), I'm sticking to my guns. The blog stays --but with better editing.

I know I'm not pefect, but I've got to start somewhere.


PS: If the person whom left the comment reads this post, I would love to know what you think. I would find your answers very helpful.


Alonso81 said...

In ours lifes, we'll find very very problems, but we must to be strong and fight to get our dreams...
You can be all that you propose...
There aren'y many people that help us, but one person who help us it's too good...

what is French Quarter???

Alonso81 said...

I hope you'll can get all of you want...And i hope i'll can read your works...


how many years you must study???

Alonso81 said...

I think your spanish es good and i understand that spanish is dificult language(idiom)

Chris said...

I don't know. I do exactly as any writer who ends a thought with Journey lyrics says.