February 28, 2009

Buying Shit Inspires Me.

Today, I bought an iPod, and in the midst of the incredible headphone sex I've been having for the past hour I realized two (kind of) awesome things:

1. "White Walls" by Between the Buried and Me really kicks ass.

I reviewed BTAM's album, Colors, last year and even picked it as one of my year-end favorites. After I reviewed the album (see link on left side), I read other reviews to hear other critics' spin on it. An overwhelming amount reviews lauded the last song on Colors, "White Walls." When I was reviewing it I didn't give the song too much thought. It's a concept album, so all of the songs blend together from beginning to end. Consequently, if you're setting down and listening to the album at one time (as I did when I was reviewing it), it's really hard to differentiate the transitions of each song, unless you want to spend the entire time looking at your CD player. However, thanks to my new purchase, I got a chance to listen to it outside the context of the album since I have my 'Pod on shuffle. I'm not much of a metalcore fan, but I whole-heartedly enjoy BATM's uncanny balance of brutal thrashcore, prog-rock, and melody.

2. Britney + Dangermouse = ???

Next up on my shuffle was "Gimme More", Britney Spears' desperate 2007 comeback hit. While I think the song is absolutely inane, I must it has a recockulously catchy beat. I have never purchased any of her albums, but I feel like have due to constant radioplay over the year. In hearing her music I have noticed that production on her last two albums, Blackout and Circus, have been impressive. ...Well, "impressive" in the sense that it's not really about the music itself: the lyrics are meaningless, it's not even Britney's real voice, and it is solely designed for people to get their freak on. In essence, it gets people dancing and it sells. And when I think of her most danceable songs, it's usually a result of a collaboration with producers who work in hip-hop. For example, "I'm a Slave 4 u" and "Boys" (both with Pharrell of N.E.R.D). I figured if Dangermouse flawlessly seam the Fab Four's White Album with Jay-Z in six weeks, I can only imagine what he could he do working with Britney. Until then, I can only ponder...


JJS III said...

I think you've managed to make me feel less guilty about enjoying a significant portion of Blackout.

Anonymous said...

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