September 5, 2010

I got bored so I wrote a letter to Chuck Klosterman.

Well wouldn't you know it, Chuck Klosterman has a Facebook.

Dear Chuck,

First of all this whole Facebook thing is weird.

Well, let me explain.

As I've been an avid of yours for years, I feel like I can address you as if I know you on a first name basis.

First and foremost, I'm sure you don't actually read and/or respond to any of the comments left by your numerous fans. If so, that would be incredible.

Yet, I digress.

I've been reading your work since your days at SPIN--before it became the poor man's version of a Rolling Stones cover band. "Re-Use Your Illusion," "What If Jay-Z Had a Blog" (and this is despite the fact that Morrisey was on the cover), "Fitter Happier: Radiohead Return," "The Rock Lexicon," "Mo' Future for You!," and last, but certainly not least, is your Golden Age of Grostesque-era Manson interview. (By the way, I'm from New Orleans and I think it's bullshit that Marilyn Manson found human bones to smoke)

Anyway, so I just thought you know I am seriously feeling various rap and r&b from the late-90s through the early-00s. (Skee Lo's "I Wish" is just fuckinamazing.)

However, what I really want to know Chuck: Is it just me, or does it sound like Biggie's totally a-fuckin sleep during these vocals?? See video here: (type in "Lil' Kil feat. Lil Cease - Crush on You (1997)")

Sadly, these are the types of things that keep me from sleeping at night, not the current state of the human race. Would love to know what you think of this.

By the way, you are an amazing man.

-Love, Dominique Minor

1 comment:

ricola said...

I agree with you on "I Wish."
Rediscovered Portishead at Roseland last night, :).
V. nice to see you again.